French Cuisine

posted on: Thursday, October 27, 2011

This morning my goal was to relax and indulge, so I made a recipe I found on Pinterest called French Toast Muffins from the blog Velvet Lava Cafe. Once the dough was in the oven an aroma like funnel cakes filled my apartment. After 25 minutes, and a few minutes to cool, I served it to Colleen, my roommate, with melted butter and cinnamon sugar. They literally melted in our mouths!! Check out Velvet Lava Cafe to get the recipe! This weekend I also plan to make Quinoa burgers and Zucchini melts, all recipes compliments of Pinterest! My weekend is looking busy with lots of school work, lucky Athens will be a ghost town because of the Ga vs. Fl game, no temptations thank goodness! Love to all xoxo A

Muffins with melted butter and cinnamon sugar :)

Dip the muffin in the melted butter....

Followed by dipping in the cinnamon sugar....

Then enjoy!!


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