dark ruby

posted on: Friday, December 20, 2013

TGIF folks! the weekend is finally here which means next week's Christmas!
 que chunky knit sweater, and you're good to go for the season. i hope your weeks were wonderful,

: outfit details :
sweater: vintage
pants: paige jeans, from tjmaxx
shoes: jack rogers
bag: kate spade outlet 
sunnies: anthropologie
earrings: F21

photos by katie coon

my boys

posted on: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visits down to Summerton are long, but well worth the miles on my little car. At the end of the yellow brick road awaits Daniel, and not to far behind, Buster. Daniel is my darling boyfriend that i could not imagine life without, and buster is his best-friend. Buster is always in tow, and used to make a point of sitting right in between Daniel and I on the couch when we first started dating. He's warmed up to me since then...but i think it's only because i give good belly rubs :)
Down in Summerton it's a simple, uncomplicated way of life and 
I'm always perfectly happy with my handsome boys. 

: outfit details :
jacket: banana republic
shirt: lauren by ralph lauren
leggings: michael stars
socks: urban outfitters
boots: nine west from cherry picked consignment
watch: michael kors
sunnies: anthropologie
earrings: kate spade

girls will be boys

posted on: Wednesday, November 13, 2013

goodmorning everyone! it has been one chilly week so far...don't let these pictures fool you, i was freezing when i took them! this fall and wintery weather has come upon us georgians with full force, and i'm shocked i'm even saying this but it's a refreshing contrast from our muggy, and hot summers. 
today i'm mixing up my wardrobe to concentrate on a laid back chic look. i love how johnny depp's strange fashion choices have made a quirky fashion trend for this past summer and fall. if you want to add a bit of edge or flair to a laid down look, a casual and cozy flannel will do the trick... as well as help keep you warm, along with a cup of coffee :)
i hope you all have had great weeks! we're busy little bees at work getting ready for the holiday season! 

{outfit details}
shirt: kate spade
flannel: wrangler, vintage from dynamite
jeans: talbots
boots: f21
jewels: cwonder, anthropologie
cup: starbucks

photos by katie coon


posted on: Monday, November 11, 2013

goodmorning everyone! 
as our weeks start yet again with a beautiful, and sunny day, i caught myself reminiscing...
when i was a little girl my mom or dad would always tuck me into bed, and often times would lay down with me while i feel asleep. my mom would scratch my back as i drifted off into dream land but my father, the big strong man that he was would just hold on to me as tight as he could. i would fall asleep literally in a bear hug, and it was always the safest i would ever feel. my father just had a way of protecting me, and a safety in his presence and his voice that i will always miss. today i am cloaked in his love, wearing a sweater i remember him always having, and feeling safe, loved, and... hugged.
happy monday and veterans day, may God bless you as you venture out today.

{outfit details}
sweater: daddy's
shirt: f21
jeans: hudson
heels: zara
sunnies: anthropologie
jewels: kate spade, similar chandeliers here!
watch: kate spade
lips: beso by stila
purse: NYC street vendor

pics by katie coon

now you see me

posted on: Saturday, November 9, 2013

good morning all!
just a quick hello as we all start the first day of our weekend festivities!
thanks for stopping by for a dose of fashion inspiration :)
please follow along by clicking the "join this site" button to your right...
i would love to share with you all everytime i post!

{outfit details}
sweater: express
tank: left of center
pants: sanctuary
shoes: kate spade
tote: kate spade
necklace: kate spade
sunnies: anthropologie
lips: "beso" by stila

proper copper

posted on: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

happy wednesday everyone! 
today i spent the afternoon cleaning out my closet...finally, i think i've been saying i was going to do that for about 2 months. it was out with really old and in with my winter clothes that have been in storage. i still have some filtering out to do but i think i definitely made some head way on getting my closet a little more organized, something that is a constant struggle! during my closet overhaul i pulled out my tried and true blue blazer...actually a hand-me-down from my grandmother. she purchased the jacket while studying abroad in oxford. i think this will stay in my closet forever!! such an amazing piece, and so beautifully made that it is my closet classic. when pairing this heavier blazer i stuck to a light cotton button up. stick to something a little lighter underneath so that you don't get too warm...it's not too cold yet down south! 
i hope your days were blessed, thank you for stopping by!

{outfit details}
blazer: vintage
shirt: lauren by ralph lauren
jeans: pilcro
heels: gianni bini
tote: h&m
sunnies: anthropologie
jewels: michael kors, kate spade, francesca's

photos by katie coon

night moves

posted on: Friday, November 1, 2013

TGIF everyone! i hope that halloween treated everyone splendidly this year...
no tummy aches from sugar, and no one got scared too much! 
we had a cute little halloween party at the mall, quite a few cute princesses and ninjas :) 

for todays post i am so excited to be sharing my latest fall find with you all...
i came upon this leather skirt from hemline, in vinings, ga and i have been searching high and low for it! 
Alas it was found! a skirt with the perfect amount of sophistication, mixed with an edgy attitude. 
i can't wait to play around with it for different looks this fall and winter! 
i'm thinking thick sweaters, chunky boots, and fun tights...
tell me what you think!?

{outfit details}
skirt: line and dot
shirt: left of center, from anthropologie
shoes: zara
purse: pitaya 
rings: cwonder
watch: michael kors
bangle: kate spade

photos by katie coon

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