posted on: Monday, November 11, 2013

goodmorning everyone! 
as our weeks start yet again with a beautiful, and sunny day, i caught myself reminiscing...
when i was a little girl my mom or dad would always tuck me into bed, and often times would lay down with me while i feel asleep. my mom would scratch my back as i drifted off into dream land but my father, the big strong man that he was would just hold on to me as tight as he could. i would fall asleep literally in a bear hug, and it was always the safest i would ever feel. my father just had a way of protecting me, and a safety in his presence and his voice that i will always miss. today i am cloaked in his love, wearing a sweater i remember him always having, and feeling safe, loved, and... hugged.
happy monday and veterans day, may God bless you as you venture out today.

{outfit details}
sweater: daddy's
shirt: f21
jeans: hudson
heels: zara
sunnies: anthropologie
jewels: kate spade, similar chandeliers here!
watch: kate spade
lips: beso by stila
purse: NYC street vendor

pics by katie coon


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