my boys

posted on: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Visits down to Summerton are long, but well worth the miles on my little car. At the end of the yellow brick road awaits Daniel, and not to far behind, Buster. Daniel is my darling boyfriend that i could not imagine life without, and buster is his best-friend. Buster is always in tow, and used to make a point of sitting right in between Daniel and I on the couch when we first started dating. He's warmed up to me since then...but i think it's only because i give good belly rubs :)
Down in Summerton it's a simple, uncomplicated way of life and 
I'm always perfectly happy with my handsome boys. 

: outfit details :
jacket: banana republic
shirt: lauren by ralph lauren
leggings: michael stars
socks: urban outfitters
boots: nine west from cherry picked consignment
watch: michael kors
sunnies: anthropologie
earrings: kate spade


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