Spring has Sprung

posted on: Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday as much as I am! Daniel and I took his dog Buster for a walk and I had the chance to pick some wild flowers, so my room is covered with vases full of them! One of my favorite things in life is flowers, and in honor of one of my dearest friends (Megan Langworthy :)) I always stop and smell the roses. So for all of you who are enjoying the blooming in Georgia, make it a fun project to pick some flowers and make your own creative arrangement. I used both vases and old jam jars to keep my flowers, but some other fun holders are wine bottles, painted soda cans (tops removed), milk jars, tea cups or tea pots :) Basically anything that can hold water! So be sure to go outside and enjoy the day, take a walk, grab a drink, read a book, enjoy God's creations....

Xo always,


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