Friday's Feast

posted on: Friday, November 2, 2012

We all have so many things to be thankful for, and the month of November reminds us of that every year. 
No matter what's happening we usually have at least one thing to cherish every day.
Today I'm thankful for the cute Little Gobblers I made :) 

I mean seriously! How stinking cute is that!!
One thing that always cheers me up is a bit of baking or a fun new recipe, so why not whip up a cute Little Gobbler in honor of November??

For these lil' guys you'll need:
Nutter Butters
Chocolate Wafers
Candy Corn
M & M Minis
White Cookie Icing

I altered this idea for a college budget...and also because I didn't want too much candy laying around for me to be tempted to nibble later! For the feet, nose, and mouth you could use jelly beans however I chose to just utilize the different colors of M & M's and that worked well!

Step 1: 
Take a Reese's and "glue" it to a Chocolate Wafer with your icing.
Make sure that you make the bottoms even with one another (they will be standing on their edges soon)

Step 2:
Take your icing and spread a thick layer on top of the Reese's

Then take your Candy Corns (~5) and make your Little Gobblers tail of feathers
The icing will serve as a "glue" for them to stand straight

Step 3: 
Put a layer of icing on your Reese's and "glue" a Nutter Butter onto the tail.

Step 4:
Taking your icing create a "T" as a base for the face on the Nutter Butter
This will serve as the glue for the M & M eyes, nose, and gobbler

Add brown M & M's for eyes,
one yellow M & M cut in half for the nose
and two red M & M's for the gobbler

Step 5:
Taking another Chocolate Wafer, put a generous dollop of icing on top. 
This is going to be the stand for your Gobbler.

Step 6:
The final step is to add the little feet! Take two of your orange M & M's 
and stick them into the icing on the base of the Gobbler.
Make as many Gobbler's as you want and serve them up at a party, party favors, or for a Thanksgiving treat....or just because you want to make them!

Have a blessed day!
xo A

Photos by Katie Coon


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