New Year, New Me

posted on: Friday, January 6, 2012

Darling friends,

I am so sorry I have been out of function lately, but this is my new vow to you to bring something fresh and stylish to your life at LEAST three days a week :) Over the break I got some quality relaxing time in and have enjoyed the act of doing absolutely nothing but catch up on all the things I had forsaken over this past semester, things like Glee and Gossip Girl (cannot WAIT for January 16th!), shopping for things to spruce up my apartment, and all my beloved antiquing!

But this year my New Year's resolution is to try and achieve the impossible....... I will try not to buy any new clothes for the year 2012. I know, I know, this is crazy, however I'm up for the challenge of making my own clothes and to revamp with accessories (but of course gifts will be gladly worn :)).  My goal is to recreate my wardrobe using things I already have or making things I can incorporate into my closet! Wish me luck ladies and gents! And since I'm announcing this officially I have you all to hold me accountable. Hopefully it won't be tooo much torture!

But I would love to here you're New Year's resolutions! Let me know what 2012 has in store for you, we can challenge ourselves together!



  1. Great idea! You are so creative I know you can do it! I'll buy you a new dress in December to celebrate your graduation and year of no new clothes!
    Your define inspiration. Love Mom


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