posted on: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good evening ladies and gents,

As the New Year has officially set in I am going to officially start my Reminder Wednesday's with all of the do's and don'ts of fashion and style, as well as advice on how to achieve that beautiful finished look you desire.

As a college student I have seen my fair share of outfits that are definitely grounds for an arrest, so to kick off my Reminder's I'm going to remind all young women across the U.S. that Nike shorts are not to be worn year round, actually they are called "Nike Running Shorts," because they are to be worn when running. In fact if it's cold outside you should probably put on pants of some kind to keep you warm, rather than your running shorts and UGG boots. This is not stylish and I know you are not as comfortable as you say you are because you have chill bumps. In conclusion, jeans are a wonderful asset to any college wardrobe. A pair of dark skinny jeans with cute ballet flats or boots will keep you warm and just as comfortable! There is no reason to be lazy and not care about what you wear, anywhere you go! What we wear defines the image we want others to see. I see beautiful women...who are not running... but who can be the stylish women they have the ability to be, so fold up those shorts until your next run, and grab your jeans or cute dress with bright tights! A little style goes a long way!



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