DIY: T-Shirt Fringe

posted on: Monday, April 30, 2012

Hi there to everyone, and I'm sorry for the 2 week delay in any post at all!! I have been swamped by school and work so I'm surprised I'm still alive to tell the tale. Since I last posted I have officially become the intern for the Anthropologie store in Charlotte, NC where I will spend the summer working with the Visual Merchandiser of the store creating Anthropologie's famous store fronts. I absolutely cannot wait for this fabulous opportunity! I will keep you posted of how that journey goes...

As for school I am officially done with classes! To celebrate I have posted up on the couch with Mary and Colleen (my roommates) to an afternoon of watching Across the Universe :) However happy I am right now I still have finals this week to finally conclude this semester :/ Wish me luck ladies and gents...

But today I bring to you probably the easiest DIY possible! This weekend was the famous Twilight Bike Race in Athens and as a kick-off Mary and I ran the Twilight 5k, as per usual we got a free t-shirt! So I decided to add a bit of flare to mine. Fringe is extremely popular this summer along with all thing boho and hippie chic, so if you want to add a touch of fun to a basic tee here are the steps:

First you will need to lay your shirt flat across the floor or table. Measure about 3 inches with a ruler and start cutting 3 inch strips around the shirt ::

Second, once you have cut strips all across the tee, pull the strips of fabric in order to stretch them out for the next step ::

Third, after all strips have been stretched gather a pair of strips and tie together ::

Once you have 2 sets of strips tied take the end of one of each of the separate strips and tie them together::

Next to give it a neater appearance you will want to cut off the ends of the knot ::

Repeat steps until the entire bottom of shirt has been tied ::

And Finally: Wear it and have fun with it!! 

Shirt: c/o Twilight Sponser Athens Orthopedic Clinic
Shorts: American Eagle (old)
Bracelets: Private Gallery, Tiffany's
Watch: Fossil
Ring: American Eagle
Backpack: Herschel from Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Mui Mui

Xo to All


  1. I made a T-Shirt Fringe by myself and It is very beautiful and simple. I like it.

  2. Cool! How did yours turn out? I thought this one was fun yet simple too! Thanks for checking me out.


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