I Walk the Line

posted on: Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today at Anthropologie was boyfriend jean day! We were promoting the casualty yet the sophistication that a pair of boyfriend jeans can provide and our personal shopper Geri was busy with "casually" sticking in a pair of boyfriend jeans into everyone's fitting room :) 

It was a good day at the store with a lot of outfitting in our different sections (Sunset, Eve and Elliot, and Neko) and me, Meaghan, and Clare (the Apparel Mananger) were very busy with re-merchandising the store.

Overall it was such a productive day! I picked up my dry-cleaning...which was ridiculously expensive and I will never get that done again in Charlotte (if anyone knows of a cheap place please please let me know!), went to a meeting with my Aunt Rachel about new architectural software, and then went out for drinks with her and some friends. It's so funny how girls will never stop gossiping no matter what age they are ;)

Here are some picture's with my take on the boyfriend jean taken at Freedom Park in Charlotte. This locomotive is from Gainesville Midland Railroad in Georgia, permanently on exhibit in Charlotte, enjoy and I hope y'all had a great day 

xo, A

{Outfit Details}
Shirt: American Apparel 
Jeans: H&M
Scarf: Italian street vendor :) (Florence)
Shoes: Zara
Purse and Earrings: Entourage of Athens, Ga


  1. Alyssa, who takes your photos? You are such a creative woman! I am happy that you are enjoying your experience. Just remember, clothes last longer if you don't wash them. febreze goes a long way and is much cheaper than dry cleaning;)

  2. Hey hey! My Aunt Rachel is taking them for me, she's been great with helping me find locations...and as for dry cleaning I'm done with it! I bought a bottle of Febreeze yesterday :)


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