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posted on: Sunday, September 1, 2013

hi everyone,

so sorry for the long vacation i’ve been on from the blog…i got the layout all fancy and then i quit posting! shame on me. to get back in the swing of things i wanted to start out with this re-entry post, letting you all know i’m back in the game, a little worse for wear having gone through things that have added a few pages to my story.

over the past few months i have been going through a few transitions. as you all know after graduating from college i went off to greenville, sc in the hopes of starting a new career in that beautiful city. however, once i moved to greenville my father, who has suffered from cancer most of my life, became very ill and was at emory hospital for a month before finally losing his battle with cancer. he passed away on April 29th.  after my daddy passed i didn’t have the urge to do much of anything, nothing creative and certainly nothing extra to do after i got home from work.  grieving is very tiresome, and takes the wind out of your sails for a while. over these past few months day-to-day things have sometimes been difficult and i’ve experienced a loss i could never explain the weight of, but as time has gone on i’ve been blessed with wonderful healing.

at the beginning of june i got another job offer and my short stint (3 months!) in greenville was over as i packed up my bags and moved to the greater atlanta area. moving so quickly after my dads passing was difficult but i believe it was something i needed for healing. in greenville i had experienced loss and emotional defeat, and i had the chance to put it past me, focusing on a new life in a larger city, and also coming closer to wonderful friends.

having lived with my fathers sickness for so long i have a strange feeling that i need to be worrying about something, because i worried for so long about him…should i call dad?... i hope he’ll finally be out of the hospital for good now… oh it’s not cancer that hurting him now it’s his heart…. one worry after another! it’s a strange feeling to now only worry about my next home improvement project or the next time i’ll be able to see daniel, my amazing boyfriend. i’m no longer worried about my daddy because he’s no longer fighting, and we no longer have to fight for him. i’m so happy knowing that he’s no longer in pain or suffering, and knowing him he’s probably playing a round of golf on Heaven’s Links with his pal Jesus and my poppop. i hope that every hole is a hole-in-one, daddy definitely deserves it.

i know my father would be proud of me and where i am, and i am coming back to my creative outlet, Darcy Dearest.  in hopes that you’ll come along for the journey, i pursue to inspire you to express yourself through dress, and share in my life as well. i hope you enjoy reading and viewing as much as i enjoy sharing with you all.

this week i’ll be sharing with you from my vacation to maine! Stay tuned for a photo diary of the trip….there may be a few volumes :))

for now i will leave you with a few photos taken this summer by my dear friend hannah in greenville. she also has a blog too:: Bright Lights lil' City, enjoy it, it'll put a smile on your face! see you all soon, i'm so glad to be back!

always, a

 {outfit details}
dress: vintage
shoes: target
purse: entourage of athens, ga
sunnies: anthropologie
jewelry: michael kors & gifts


  1. Glad your blog is back! I missed reading it every week. The new blog style looks great!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm happy to be back :) and the blog work was done by Melissa Alam, check out her site>>
      xo A


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