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posted on: Thursday, September 19, 2013

happy thursday everyone!
how was the day? it was beautiful weather here in Atlanta, 
and I had the pleasure of having the day off to enjoy it :))

so a fun fact about me is that i am absolutely obsessed with audrey hepburn. i know, i know, a lot of people say that....but i am beyond obsessed with her. i have about 15 books about her, a picture of her in every room of my house, i can quote most of the movies she was in, AND i have managed to memorize all of the songs in My Fair Lady. i buy clothes because they remind me of her, and i plan to one day have breakfast at tiffany's. i aspire to have her grace, her style, and have a love for little things, which it seemed that she truly did. i may have her on a pedestal of what i imagine the perfect woman to be...but hey, she seemed pretty damn perfect. 

{outfit details}
shirt: kate spade outlet
pants: corey lynn calter from anthropologie 
shoes: talbots 
necklace: private gallery in athens, ga
watch: michael kors
accents: kate spade outlet and kate spade
audrey journal: barnes and noble
polish: merino cool by essie

photos by katie coon


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