DIY to try:: Nesting Project 2

posted on: Friday, October 18, 2013

with my move to atlanta i have been trying to think of economical ways to continue to use what i have but make it into decor that fits what i imagine my apartment to look like... i'm calling this constant need to refresh, and reinvent the space i have: "nesting." i know that slowly, but surely i'll whip this little space into shape. on a day off i decided to go ahead and hang frames where i want them to go... i left the pictures in their frame which resulted in a few lopsided pics, and a few frames that were in dire need of some TLC. 

pretty pathetic looking right?? the frames were purchased ages ago from walmart or target, 
and so i decided to give them a refresh by adding a coat of spray paint. for this project i used:: 
old frames
silver and gold spray paint
painters tape
painters sheet

1. disassemble the frames, keeping glass away from the spray paint area. (we don't want any pesky residue on the glass!)

2. lay frames on a plastic painters sheet, hold spray paint about 1-2 feet away and spray until there is a thin layer of paint on the frames. 

3. allow this to dry approximately 15 minutes then go and spray another thin layer.

4. allow paint to dry overnight

5. continue this same process the next day, and paint the other side! again, allow to dry overnight.

6. the next morning reassemble the frames and voila! you have 4 old frames that look brand spankin' new! 
(this was the point i decided i didn't like the gold and went back to paint the other frames silver...this is also the point where i went back and spray painted the inner lining of the thicker framed frame, que painters tape.)

all in all i made this project take entirely too long... and then it took even longer because i bought this cute new thing from etsy to incorporate as the center piece, and then new pictures that i had to wait to get developed... but i'm happy with it now, and here is my final result::

a little moment on my night stand with my white pumpkins :))
have a great weekend! and i hope you try your own DIY 


center piece from etsy shop called 13 pumpkins


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