Nesting Project 1:: a pinch and a punch for the first of the month

posted on: Tuesday, October 1, 2013

happy october everyone! to me october is truly the start of fall, the chill in the morning air has become consistent and the colors of the leaves are starting to change. this chill lets us know that cooler weather is coming to stay. as a treat for myself to get into the fall mood i decided to create a little front porch magic, or in my case, the porch i share with three other apartments on my i guess i have a landing of sorts. i assembled a few fall essentials and got creative with my little corner of the 1st floor.

what you'll need:
pumpkins (i like a varying size assortment to add depth and dimension to the grouping)
spray paint (i chose silver and gold, the metallic adds a bit of glam to the organic material)
painters tape
scotch desk tape
circle stickers
a damp cloth
a letter outline (if you love the A i found, i just google'd it!)

i started out by using a damp cloth to wipe the pumpkins clean before the painting process, 
always good to start with a clean slate!

next i wanted to keep the pumpkin's stem's their natural color so i used painters
 tape to cover the stem and the pretty green roots

next i took the circular stickers and applied them to the small pumpkins, not bothering to apply to the bottom...simply because you won't see it! then, when applying the letter A, i simply rolled tape to make it double sided and applied rigorously to the entire area. i didn't want the spray paint to have too many chances to drip down blurring the edges of my pretty A

when finally painting the pumpkins i alternated, painting 2 pumpkins silver, and 2 pumpkins gold

for the larger pumpkin i started from the back and worked my way forward (when spray painting over something to get the outline, ie my letter A, be sure to chose the smooth, pretty side of the pumpkin so that the outline is not distorted.)

the key to spray painting the letter was to spray directly in front of the paper to prevent any 
angled mist from the paint to come between the letter and the pumpkin -- 
allow the pumpkins to dry overnight so set the color. 

in the morning head back outside, remove your circles and the outline you've chosen for the larger pumpkin and voila! you have yourself a beautiful fall nook :)) 

happy fall y'all 


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