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posted on: Sunday, October 13, 2013

being a young adult trying to make it on her own, i must admit a visit from my mom is still probably one of the best feelings in the world. but, a visit from my mom, AND a visit from my wonderful aunt rachel is a double whammy that makes me so happy i'm finding the right words to type to describe it (i've been sitting here for five minutes staring at the screen)
when my mom first arrived at my store, i felt my heart skip a beat from joy as i heard her familiar foot steps behind me. and when i saw my aunt rachel when she first arrived at the pumpkin patch, she was wearing the same croc sandals that her feet love so dearly, i think she was wearing them last time i saw her! it's such a simple joy to see people who you've grown up loving.

Saturday began doing the simplest of fall past times, hopping in the car for an afternoon full of pumpkin picking. burts pumpkin patch had the most vibrant shades of orange i'd ever seen and there was row after row of pumpkins; small pumpkins, white pumpkins, green pumpkins, and pumpkins that looked like a science project gone wrong.... the air smelled liked cinnamon mixed with funnel cakes, and the yard was full of children running round with powdered sugar rimmed around their lips. dozens of moms had pulled out all the stops dressing their children for pictures sure to go on fall cards to friends and family, and there was this fresh feel in the air that made me feel excited yet cozy in my favorite jeans and soft t-shirt. my mom, aunt rachel and i filled our wheelbarrow with our fall loot and then headed toward springer mountain to spend the rest of our afternoon hiking. 

pumpkin fields forever...

 my mom with her new prized pumpkin!

it's always been a dream of my mothers to one day complete hiking the appalachian trail. this dream was brought to fruition this weekend as we started the hike to the trailhead, beginning at springer mountain. unfortunately the hike to the beginning of the trail was longer than we anticipated soooo we're just going to say that we started the pre-hike for hiking the appalachian trail. i hope we one day finish it, what an accomplishment that would be?? we were planning and scheming on ways to complete it during the pre-hike...hopefully we'll be planning a trip in the spring to officially begin?? i'll try and keep being a fashionista even while hiking....if that's possible?? i'll keep you posted!

2,108.5 miles to go...maine or bust!

 the trail to the trail head, amicalola falls state park

 the leaves are slowly changing

thank you all again for reading and you're support, it's such a joy to share with you!


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