Scarf Challenge:: Day 1

posted on: Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So ladies and gentlemen, for the month of October I am going to challenge myself with a little wardrobe alteration; I will attempt to incorporate a scarf into all of my outfits posted for the month of October!...and since I am a day behind with this challenge I'll even go one day into November to make it even :) If you have any inspiration for me or know of a killer way to wear a scarf I'll post it! I would love to hear all of your creative ideas and incorporate them into my styles!

The challenge begins today and I am bringing you just a simply draped scarf that I've had for years, but is so dainty and cute I don't think we'll ever part ways!

P.S. The Weather Man told me it was going to rain today...he was wrong but the jacket was just oh so right I couldn't put it back in my closet, it's my prized possession from Target :)

{Outfit Details}
Top: J.Crew from Dynamite Clothing of Athens, Ga
Jacket: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Scarf: GAP
Jeans: Level 99 Lilly Skinny's from Anthropologie
Purse: Private Gallery of Athens, Ga
Necklace: Dynamite Clothing of Athens, Ga
Bracelets: Dillards, F21, Vintage
Watch and Shoes: Michael Kors


  1. Are you coming to visit me because you love and miss your Aunt Rachel, or because you want to go thru my closet and "borrow" scarves? Either way, I'm just excited about seeing you! Oh by the way, I have a new raincoat you're just going to LOVE!

  2. Love your bag! And great idea with the scarf challenge.

    1. Thanks Kaeli! Cute blog too by the way! I love how you're keeping it real with prices, my kinda gal!


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